It Can't Possibly be on Me, Right!?!?

posted Oct 20, 2012, 7:42 AM by VT Floor Hockey   [ updated Oct 20, 2012, 7:44 AM ]

Check out the attached Peanuts comic from several years ago.  Although funny in the comics, it’s not so funny when it happens in our floor hockey league.  Remember, our leagues are meant to be non-contact.  Not a little bit of contact, not “I’ll push him since he pushed me” contact – no contact.  Please be mindful and do your best to watch out for pushing, shoving and any physical contact along the walls and in the corners.  C’mon – this is recreational floor hockey!  We’re out there to have fun and get some exercise; not to get hurt.


One of our players, Cheryl Van Epps-Fung, suffered a serious injury this summer when she collided with a teammate.  While the accident was not the direct result of physical play, Cheryl wanted to remind us that being injured is not fun. She asked that we share the following letter with the rest of the Club.  Thanks for reflecting on her message and wishing her a speedy and full recovery…


Hi all,


I'm at home recovering from an unfortunate accident which occurred while playing a pick up floor hockey game this summer. I had a head-to-head collision with another player which resulted in a concussion and skull fracture. It took two surgeries to repair my damage and it has taken over three weeks for me to recover.


First off, if anyone should get into an accident during a game, and you suspect you've a concussion, have someone drive you home or better yet, take you to the hospital to be looked at by a physician.


Secondly, I'd like to ask everyone to stop and consider: why am I playing floor hockey?


Personally, I play it for the exercise and to improve my hockey skills. I consider this a safe alternative to my playing ice hockey. As one of the older players, my body takes longer to recover from playing than it used to, and I now have more responsibilities than I used to when I played as a kid. So safe is good.


Along this line, I'd like to ask that everyone be careful while playing out there. Believe me, getting hurt is not worth it; it's just a game.


I look forward to returning to floor hockey this winter. Please, join me in keeping floor hockey fun and safe for all.


Thank you,


Cheryl Van Epps-Fung